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sjdzs|重庆市化医技师学院Chapter 47 Support"Wild goose gate zhang liao here, Korea hence old thief, also don't commit suicide to apologize!" In the battle array, the first general in the hands of steel gun sprinkled with cold stars, passing by, leaving a corpse, rushed to the left and right in the array, did not give the army a chance to assemble, in a moment, the rear of the position has been completely collapsed.

"What?" Korea hence and account people smell speech, qi qi qi discoloration, hundreds of people rushed into the array, thousands of troops, will become appropriate to slay? How is that possible?Zhong yao smell speech, sit still, sink a track: "hum, come on, take this man down for me!"sjdzs|"What's the matter? What's the sense of panic?" See Li Kan, Korea hence some gas don't play a place, no good gas cold hum a way.

sjdzs|"Sir, but it 's all right to say so." Lyu3 bu4 strong laughed."General, what about Hande?" Many people began to rub their hands in the smell of the speech."Master rest assured!" Hand a straight chest, awe-inspiring way.

"Ma Tie general sores have suppurated, must cut off the flesh near the wound, can heal, in addition, Ma Tie general bumps all the way, caught the wind chill, cause evil into the body, make Ma Tie general injury worse.""Because the general is unrivalled, the world is invincible..." A soldier boldly said.Rapid hoofs of horses broke the quiet rain, dark night, a tiger cavalry is crazy in the rain to run.sjdzs|




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