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磨刀ycgll远洋足跟痛贴At present, I have jia xu, li ru and Chen gong, all of them are first-class and even top counselors. There is no shortage of military officers, and even a law is growing up.At the same time also can rob some huns woman, take with Wolf qiang and first zero qiang trade."Eldest brother although say, we burn block qiang people is the most important commitment." Qiang people young hurriedly chest assured way.

"DE jong? Chen gong looked strangely at zhang yi, who was bewildered, and called several times before he woke her up.< / p > < p > ride the general's door has been smashed, the dead are still trying to kill in, but was liao hua with people to stop, when lv bu arrived with the troops, the battle has come to an end, the hussars camp with lv bu a command, will be the remaining dead all the number of kill.Chapter 45 li ru's tactics磨刀ycgllAfter this war, the general situation of the west cool has been decided, han sui lost his troops, has not been able to turn over what waves, but to defend the city, han sui now left the troops, or enough.

磨刀ycgllThis year, cao cao integrates the central plains, the year after lyu3 bu4 Pi under defeat, established a foundation in harmony again cold, liu bei defeated again this year, ran to the lombardi, this year, yuan, sun ce, continuous died two governors, one is a miracle, living be grieve, another is a young hero, cowardly to death in his own house, result is not very good, don't go for through the ages, starcraft the governors of failure on the road all over the world, seems to have few to end well.Lyu3 bu4 was about to speak, move suddenly in the heart, only feel suddenly produce a sharp pain in his eyes, in d wondering eyes, lyu3 bu4 covering her eyes, on horseback, vehemently repressed the growing pain, as if eye will burst at any time, for a long time, that sort of tingling just slowly disappear, at the same time, the tip of the ring system in our mind."The duty of the city guard is to guard chang 'an. You go on down and I'll take care of it." Chen gong frowned slightly and said darkly.

Fighting sound accompanied by crying, screaming voice at the moment in the tribe constantly staged, the sudden arrival of the huns, obviously let the Wolf qiang people some unprepared."Well." Zhou cang hurriedly nodded and then looked at lv bu and said, "that young lady... ""You...... "Juyan king gaped at lv lingqi, see the other side eyes sweep, a butt sitting on the chair, along while unable to speak.磨刀ycgll




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