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魅力先生刘天宝搜了网"Strategist, lyu3 bu4 now do up seventy thousand military forces to attack, how should I guard against?" Zhang he frowned, wild goose gate, although is to resist the huns the first checkpoint, but in previous years is not so big battle, seventy thousand troops, if zhang he everywhere defense, thirty thousand troops in the hands of lyu3 bu4 is easy to break."Let this flood bring this prairie back to its original form!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the direction of the Yinfeng Gorge, There was a spirit of pride in his chest, As long as the western Xianbei and Wang Ting military forces into the Yinfeng Gorge area, This battle, the whole xianbei elite will be lost, the most important thing is that the two largest forces will disappear in this battle, xu rong, d soldiers into jin lianchuan, never break the new road of daxi, since then, decades or even hundreds of years, lyu3 bu4 under the land no longer have to worry about the threat from the grasslands."Oh ~" sentence suddenly nodded, followed by lyu3 bu4 back to their camp.

"Monsieur, look there!" Xu togeher with only a dozen people, nature dare not rely on cao camp too close, can only wait and see from a distance, at this moment, a pro-Wei suddenly pointed to the entrance of cao camp in the distance.Giffin looked at d, su rong a courtesy way: "There is one thing, has been hiding the general, according to the news back to the western regions, Korea hence as early as last year, has cast Daxi new, meng qi general this go, or can blade enemies, had worried about meng qi general revenge, is to hide it, also hope meng qi general forgive me."魅力先生刘天宝Just for the moment, Seeing that Cao Cao hadn't even had time to put on his shoes, he ran out to meet himself, No matter what dissatisfaction in the heart, this moment in the heart is involuntarily rising a warmth, especially in contrast to lombardi to his attitude, coupled with the huge contrast in the eyes of the soldiers around, is greatly satisfied with xu togeher vanity, at that moment, xu togeher some ashamed, really gave birth to a heart of death for a confidant.

魅力先生刘天宝Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, the woman's ability, not worthy of her ambition, xianbei king's court was breached, I'm afraid it is not reduced to the exclusive domain, is fragrant XiaoYu perished, is not too stupid, thought of using yourself to contain the five big tribes, but luckily there is this woman, can save yourself a lot of things.At that same time, Kui head of the king's tent, step root and a few xianbei chief brows deep lock, as lyu3 bu4 expected, as temuzhen this with five hundred lives destroyed a big tribe legendary will join xianbei king's court, in xianbei king's court to bring great prestige, also let xianbei king's court below those tribes have a sense of crisis."Hsiung, it's up to you." Lyu3 bu4 side head, looked at the male broad sea laughed.

Xu togeher looked up at cao cao and said, "I don't know how much grain is left in mencius's army today?""At the end of the day he will lead his life." Wei bowed down.At the gate of the city, Ma Dai saw that the garrison had hung up the no-war card. He rode his horse to the front of D, and sank into a deep voice. "Eldest brother, it seems that Zhang He was afraid of us. When he hung up the no-war card, he wanted to lure him out of the city again, even more difficult."魅力先生刘天宝





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