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吴有松骂贵州人视频平糖王3块3Originally, pang tong does not think it is right, just like most of the family, waiting to see lyu3 bu4 jokes, however, harmony is cool and hetao bing, the western regions, and then, under the lyu3 bu4 system, don't speak Chinese, is the naturalization of the conference semifinals, qiang people has become a faithful follower of lyu3 bu4, such as a result, let pang tong dumbfounded, this also is he never leave here for one reason, he really want to see, lyu3 bu4 can walk far."The general thinks that even if you and I withdraw now, the enemy will let you and I leave in peace? From the moment we decided to go, there was no way out."A few Montenegro thief general instinct of face forward to come forward, but see lv bu suddenly stand up on the horse, square day painting halberd a horizontal, toward when first a Montenegro thief mercilessly clap down, in the mouth send out a blast thunder like anger to drink: "block my dead!"

Chapter 50 the nestTwo people can't think of, also dare not think, the situation has collapsed so far, the appearance of gao shun, bound to break the world, at the moment has their own difficult to protect, two people really don't want to think how gao shun will appear in what circumstances."Remember, zi Ming follows me for a long time and makes great achievements with hard work. I won't give you any privilege. You go and help him. Lv bu looked at pang tong, indifferent way.吴有松骂贵州人视频"Posterity? Diao cicada beauty eye flash a confused, do not understand to see lv bu.

吴有松骂贵州人视频Chapter 29 the horse takes prideAll around the cao army is more flustered to flee around.A young man who follow behind him smell yan complexion greatly change, hurriedly jump off the horse, pull him back, startled way: "bo yan, you don't want to die?"

Failed?Night, night, as the clothing gradually falling one by one and perfect body without reservation present in front of lu bu, the skin like silk, cruising in lyu3 bu4 hand under a flush on gradually, soft without bone body be lyu3 bu4 wantonly, accompanied by a tiger roar and gasps softly, the flame of the room, only the human body in the most primitive voice in this sleepless night forever."General, what if there are guards everywhere?" "Asked a concerned security guard as he crept back from the outside into the secret passage.吴有松骂贵州人视频




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