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邪恶太阳胸针|淮南市职业教育中心"You want me, general?" < / p > < p > after taking care of some matters, re-set the camp, li kan was zhang liao summoned to the account, the face again spread the flattering smile, but at this time zhang liao has no mood to hate what, li kan today set great achievements is a fact, zhang liao will not because of personal preference to do things.For that reason?, a title of generals in ancient times the camp victory is not an accident, in addition to solid double armor, just for a moment of time, a title of generals in ancient times the camp shot up nearly four thousand JianCu, tu each year, out of the city, after also not arrayed, it's so noisy so blunt come up, to be a title of generals in ancient times the camp only rhubarb and row crossbow crossbows will kill the casualties of more than half, demoralized, but just for a moment of kung fu, JianCu also is not a small number of the consumption.

"Miss's fighting style is different." Zhou cang explains.However, lu bu built a library pavilion in chang 'an academy, which was headed by CAI yan.In this war, gao shun did not have too many exploits, now pound has not reward, natural also not good to gao shun promotion, but will be 20,000 troops to gao shun, is also disguised to promote the real power in gao shun.邪恶太阳胸针|After a while, mulberry with a head of hair has long, pure white, high more than a foot of eagle came to lv bu side, with some excitement of the way: "adult see, this but on the good jade claw, small person for this eagle, had far to youzhou, in the shore of the stolen.

邪恶太阳胸针|"I have an army of horses at my side, and if wen and this go away, ma chao may not be able to care about wen and this. Besides, I have a red rabbit and a halberd. The world can kill me. Lu bu said firmly.Lv bu nodded: "hetao now with the decline of the huns, gradually fall into war, to be the next year after the spring ploughing, I prepare to send troops hetao, fertile soil, how cheap foreign?"

Chapter 54 legal derivatives"Hum ~""No harm." Lyu3 bu4 put to wave a hand, from the wooden dish in samba hand twist a piece of raw meat, put the mouth of jade claw: "eat, little fellow."邪恶太阳胸针|




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