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战亚楠和班梦阳正大饲料价格"To rescue General Wei?" Deng Xian hurriedly brought life.Although the speed of the engineering battalion was fast, the trenches of nearly two hundred paces were dug for two hours."This …" People looked at each other, a general tempted: "General, why don't we also dig trenches, avoid their bows and arrows, and directly close to them?"

"Eliminate Liu Bei's vital force and further reduce his living space." Pang Tong smiled and said, "Whoever wins and whoever loses, the real winner is us!""And then?" Wei Yandao, although elite military forces he brought, but now only more than two thousand, there are three thousand left in chengdu to help lu zheng stabilize the overall situation, if put zhuge liang out, the key to victory or defeat is not his elite, but pang tong shu army, for shu army combat effectiveness, wei yan is not very good.战亚楠和班梦阳"Although there are no elite troops, but we still have hundreds of shu army here, enough to deal with the bore is clear, long elite military forces are waiting to chase the enemy."

战亚楠和班梦阳"Dream, I..." Ma sneer at 1, is the main idea is words of rejection, but was lyu3 zheng ruthlessly interrupted."Guan Yu has led his troops to break Jiujiang, and Lu Su, the new governor of Jiangdong, is shrinking his defenses, as if to prepare for a decisive battle with Liu Bei." At sink a track."Maybe the guanzhong army deceived me." A general frown way.

"General, no, the garrison in the east of the city couldn't get out! It was surrounded by Jiangdong thieves!" West of the city, guan yu assembled military forces will be out of the city, a soldier rushed up loudly."Go!" Guan yu stuffy hum 1, will the surge of anger pressure down, with the troops to the direction of YinLing gallop.Originally Guan Yu in the arrow, angry, driven by anger, Squeeze out the potential of the whole body, even cut two knives, tardif frightened back, but also do their best, almost directly soft fall to the ground, if not for face, and afraid tardif back, guan yu how can miss this rare broken city, back to camp at the moment, around only Xing Daorong a person, a loose heart, is no longer able to raise any strength.战亚楠和班梦阳




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