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slidepicjs同声翻译设备租赁"Withdraw!Compared the zhangs' is not established in the shu, huanghe river can become a family of one hundred, the precipitation in the shu dynasty is much thicker than the central plains, central plains, after all, although busy, but is close to the emperor, the so-called accompany such as with the tiger, although easier to riches and honour, but also easy to property out, and different in shu, mountain is high and the emperor is far away, in this case, hundreds of years, have a family, and even some old family existed from the pre-qin period, and even earlier, like the zhangs' family in one hundred, if in the central plains, is already a big family, I'm afraid, but in the shu, status is awkward."Filial piety straight, why so?" Although zhang song did so, and he found that integrating into the family circle is far easier than getting liu zhang's trust, because zhang song's own identity is actually enough.

"Great justice, uncle! Liu xun when the first stand up, liu bei deep a salute way: "I support uncle.""Well!"Wei the smell speech, hurriedly got on the battlements, looking at the gates, but see the fault commissioner, open Spaces on the ground, suddenly to a pile of wooden monster, the story of big let people simply can't see the wood shell below the picture, but from the point of walking leg, here is a person, just look from the rostrum in the past, just as each mobile giant beetles, fast forward, the highlights on the giant beetles should be the location of the mouth a sharpened stakes.slidepicjs"I have no choice." Zhou yu looked at zhuge liang and shook his head. "

slidepicjsAfter the festival, the weather is warming up gradually. Although the cold winter has not completely passed in many parts of the north, in the central plains, looking ahead, there is already a faint green meaning."Junction array! Change a crossbow!"Compared with liu bei, cao cao's side is about much more miserable, seibel quickly understand the intention of cao cao, the three thousand crossbows are mounted on the wall above, seibel troops out of the city, and every day, don't continue to hard to touch, but in single crossbow in the range of advantages, as long as cao cao where air strikes, brings people rushed up to with arrows, put a fire, when cao cao goes to support, seibel never engage, directly with the person to retreat.

Although the wooden shaft struck the shield, it failed to break through. However, many of the shields were wrapped in cow hide. The wooden shield inside started to break apart."All right, Fred, you come with me." Zhuge liang shook his head and walked back with ford."The Lord can lead guan yu and huang zhong to lead 100,000 troops to meet cao cao, while the minister leads 50,000 troops and horses. Zhuge liang bowed.slidepicjs




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